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Demetri Martin’s directorial debut, Dean, earned early praise when it premiered at last year Tribeca Film Festival, where it earned the top prize in the U.S. narrative competition — and now you can get a glimpse of the work that the comedian directed, wrote, and starred in through the first trailer.

Martin portrays the titular Dean, an illustrator who escapes to Los Angeles from New York — partly to take an interview, partly to run from the recent death of his mother. His father, Robert (Kevin Kline), a retired engineer, goes down a separate path in selling the family house. But even as they cope with grief in different ways, they need each other when unforeseen circumstances arrive.

During Tribeca, Martin told EW about how he sifted through his own library of scripts when deciding on his first directorial effort.

“[The other scripts] were more kind of concept-y, and this one was grounded, a little bit more in reality,” he said. “So I thought, ‘Oh, if I’m going to try to direct for the first time maybe I’ll pick one that takes place in the regular world rather than try and make up a world.’”

Gillian Jacobs, Mary Steenburgen, Reid Scott, Rory Scovel, Christine Woods, Ginger Gonzaga, Peter Scolari, and Briga Heelan also star in Dean.

The film opens in select theaters June 2. Watch the trailer above.

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