The once lauded superhero is now a limo driver
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Wolverine isn’t the berserker beast he once was. A new clip from Logan, the third and final chapter in the mutant’s film saga, sees a future where the adamantium-clawed superhero now lives a quiet, troubled life as a limo driver.

Titled “Sunseeker,” the black-and-white footage shows Logan ferrying drunken bachelorette and bachelor parties around to the sounds of a voicemail. It seems our hero is going by the name James Howlett and is looking to purchase a 1996 Sunseeker yacht as “a retirement gift for my dad.”

This is where fans will find Wolverine in Logan, which also finds him caring for an ailing Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) in a hideout on the Mexican border. Despite his attempts to stay off the grid, a girl named Laura (a.k.a X-23) comes into the picture. The young mutant with an adamantium skeleton of her own seeks aide as she’s pursued by Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) and the militarized Reavers.

Dafne Keen stars as Laura, while Stephen Merchant plays the albino tracker mutant Caliban and Richard E. Grant plays Dr. Rice. Logan, directed by James Mangold, will open on March 3.

Watch the clip above.

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  • 135 minutes
  • James Mangold