Credit: Scott Garfield/Universal Pictures/Courtesy Everett

Buckle up… and maybe grab a helmet? The popular Fast & Furious film franchise will soon be headed to an arena near you.

Universal announced on Tuesday a global tour for Fast & Furious Live, the “adrenaline-fueled show” that “will transport fans straight into some of the most memorable scenes and stunts from the films.”

The live arena show tour, which will debut in January 2018, will incorporate physics-defying stunts, advanced technology, and the true stars of the eight-film series — the cars — in a Los Angeles-themed setting.

Fast & Furious Live will transform the live-entertainment industry in the same way the global box-office franchise has redefined the action genre,” Vince Klaseus, president of Universal Brand Development, said in a statement. “Fans will experience everything they love about the films in an up-close and incredibly cool live show, putting them in the center of the action.”

The show will be executive-produced by Chris Hughes and James Cooke-Priest and be written and directed by Rowland French — the same crew behind the Top Gear Live tour.

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