has joined with Disney animation to create a subscription based toy box line for fans of the iconic princesses, starting with 'Beauty and the Beast.'

By Evan Slead
February 07, 2017 at 03:48 PM EST

Disney can now deliver magic and mystery straight to fans’ doorsteps with the Disney Princess mystery box. has teamed with the animation studio to create an exclusive toy box line for aficionados of the brave, iconic, and adventurous princesses. Each subscription will deliver a box of goodies every two months, and to kick off the service, Belle and the rest of the iconic characters from Beauty and the Beast can be your guest — with a limited edition box set.

Each box will contain a mixture of treasures, including toys, a T-shirt, book, and role play items themed after a specific princess. As an added bonus, the eco-friendly shipping box acts as part of the play system, helping to reduce waste while creating a cohesive Disney experience.

“Instead of throwing the packaging away, our physical shipping boxes become a part of the princesses’ story. Each box has instructions that transform the shipping box into a playable toy such as a castle, boat or a carriage that can be decorated and played with,” said Pley CEO Ranan Lachman. “We call it ‘Pleycycle,” and are proud to be a leader in reducing the environmental footprint of toy packaging.”

The Disney Princess PleyBox is available now.