The film tells of a father out for vengeance after his wife and daughter die in a plane crash


Arnold Schwarzenegger is out to avenge his family in the heavy trailer for Aftermath, which teams him with director Elliott Lester (Blitz, HBO’s Nightingale), screenwriter Javier Gullón (Enemy), and producer Darren Aronofsky (Noah).

The footage sees Schwarzenegger as a construction foreman who suffers through a terrible tragedy: his wife and daughter die in a mid-air collision between two planes caused by an air traffic controller (Scoot McNairy). His despair is further provoked by thoughtless lawyers seeking to trade compensation for responsibility, which leads him down a path to revenge. The problem is, his real target has been so vilified by the public that he’s sent into protective custody.

Aftermath, formerly called 478, also stars Maggie Grace as the wife of the air traffic controller. Aronofsky produced the project through Protozoa Pictures.

The film will open in theaters on April 7.

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