Take a tour of Bruce Wayne's manor in 'Gotham Cribs'
Lego Batman Movie
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After spoofing The Great Gatsby, those Chevrolet commercials, and even Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the marketing for The LEGO Batman Movie turns now to MTV's Cribs in a parody called Gotham Cribs.

Will Arnett's Dark Knight returns in the parody to offer a tour of "the most tasteful and extravagant mansion in all of Gotham City," Wayne Manor. "And for those of you wondering," he says, "yes, the rumors are true: I am Bruce Wayne…'s roommate" — and yet he keeps swapping back and forth between personas off camera.

The Caped Crusader takes his adoring public through his kitchen, pool, bedroom, and "super secret" man cave that he can't tell you about. That is, until Robin (Michael Cera) and his butler Alfred (Ralph Fiennes) accidentally open the doors and reveal the Batcave to the cameras.

Not unlike what Ryan Reynolds did for Deadpool, the voice cast of The LEGO Batman Movie has been staying in character for the film's marketing campaign. For Batman, that means Arnett plays up the hero's caring and humble sides. (Not!)

"What kind of guy has dolphins for pets?" he says. "Someone who's crazy wealthy, super good-looking, but is also just a down-to-earth, rad dude."

The LEGO Batman Movie hits theaters on Feb. 10. Watch the parody above.

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