The suavest man on the planet somehow gets suaver.

By Derek Lawrence
February 02, 2017 at 10:11 PM EST

Idris Elba may be the suavest man on the planet, but that doesn’t mean even he couldn’t use some dating advice.

The Dark Tower star is currently in the market for a Valentine’s Day date, in hopes of raising money for the non-profit organization W.E. Can Lead. While he’s still waiting to see what special lady will win a night with him, Elba has elicited a group of kids to give him some tips.

His cast of adorable wingmen and wingwomen include some experts, considering one girl claims to have 25 boyfriends and a boy claims to be very knowledgeable on dates since he’s in the middle of planning one.

“It doesn’t matter about you, it matters about the girl,” shares a future lothario. Another member of the panel thinks Elba should stick with the bad boy persona. “Because if you’re good, then you might have to wear glasses, suspenders, and ugly trousers,” she admits. “And then your watch will be a babyish one, and then your date will probably slap you because she likes someone bad.”

For your chance at the once-in-a-lifetime date, donate here, and watch the video above.