The animated web series 'RWBY'

Rooster Teeth cofounder Burnie Burns has told EW that he wants to make a live-action film version of RWBY, the Austin-based production company’s hit anime show about Huntsman and Huntresses battling monsters in the future-fantasy world of Remnant.

“I really think RWBY is something that could be a live-action movie some day,” Burns said last Friday, while visiting New York. “We have to go through all the comic book movies, and then we have to go through the video game phase, which I really believe is next — all the video game franchises will be like Marvel movies are now. We’ll see how long that lasts and we’ll see if there’s room for something like RWBY in there. I would like to see that.”

Burns admitted that a RWBY movie is unlikely to be the next stage in further developing the franchise. “Right now, we’re looking at other properties based on RWBY,” he said. “We have got the video game, we have RWBY Chibi (a series of comedy shorts). I think there’s the opportunity for a spin-off show. There’s so many characters. The audience for that is just going nuts. We keep reevaluating the upper limits of what that franchise can do all the time. At this point, we’re just pulling out all the stops and moving ahead with it as fast as we can.”

Rooster Teeth’s SVOD platform FIRST recently announced its 2017 animation slate, which includes both the fifth volume of RWBY (set to premiere this fall), and season 15 of another popular show, Red vs. Blue (debuting in April). “We’re super-excited about RvB 15,” Burns said. “We have a new writer-director, he’s a really talented guy.”

Much of Burns’ energy over the next few months will be taken up by Lazer Team 2, the sequel to Rooster Teeth’s 2015 live-action science fiction-comedy, which he cowrote and in which he costarred.

“We’re very very focused on the comedy, the second time around,” said Burns. “We’ve already established the sci-fi world. We don’t have that obligation to build that world out as much — we can tell a really funny story within that world. We’re in preproduction, and we’re going to start shooting in late March. So, I have to figure out a way to fit into a spandex suit, sometime in the next two months.”

Watch the first episode of RWBY: Volume 4 above.