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January 28, 2017 at 11:35 AM EST

Emmanuelle Riva, revered French actress and Oscar nominee for the movie Amour, died Friday at the age of 89.

Riva died at a clinic in Paris after a long battle with cancer, her agent, Anne Alvares Correa, confirmed to The Associated PressThe actress was still working last summer when she filmed Alma in Iceland and performed at the Villa Medici in Rome in November.

Riva is perhaps best known to American audiences for Amour, the 2012 film from writer-director Michael Haneke. The unsparing portrait of an aging couple won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film at the Academy Awards in 2013, while Riva was nominated for Best Actress — making her the oldest woman to earn the distinction at the age of 85.

Riva enjoyed more than 60 years making films, including Hiroshima Mon Amour. ‘”On one side there’s Hiroshima, a film about impossible love,” she recalled. ”And on the other side, in the final stage of my life, there’s a film about a love that’s possible until death. It’s a wonderful balance.”

French President Francois Hollande said in a statement to the AP that Riva “deeply marked French cinema” and “created intense emotion in all the roles she played.”

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