In the new film Eloise, Chace Crawford plays a character named Jacob Martin who must discover the fate of his aunt, a former patient at the titular asylum, in order to inherit his family’s fortune. With the help of his friend Dell (Brandon T. Jackson), an urban explorer named Scott (P.J. Byrne), and Scott’s sister Pia (Eliza Dushku), Jacob breaks into the abandoned location to find a record of his relation’s death. Unbeknownst to these four trespassers, Eloise is far from abandoned, as the spirits of the asylum’s worst doctors come back to life.

Eloise is the directorial debut of cinematographer and Oscar-winning visual effects supervisor Robert Legato and costars Robert Patrick. Watch the trailer for Eloise , which is out Feb. 3, below and an exclusive clip from the film above.

Eloise is released by Vertical Entertainment, Feb. 3.