January 25, 2017 at 09:00 AM EST

This year’s Oscar nominees for best animated feature, announced Tuesday, may include big-name Disney blockbusters like Zootopia and Moana, but one of the lesser-known films to make the list is My Life as a Zucchini. The debut film from Swiss director Claude Barras first premiered in French at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, and now, the English version will soon be hitting theaters.

EW has an exclusive look at a clip from the intricate stop-motion film, introducing Zucchini’s 9-year-old, blue-haired protagonist. His birth name is Icare, but he prefers to go by Zucchini, and here, he meets a kind cop named Raymond (voiced by Nick Offerman), who accompanies him to a foster home after the death of his alcoholic mom.

That’s heavy stuff for an animated film, but Zucchini has earned rave reviews since its premiere for tackling the subject matter in an imaginative, poignant way. The result is an honest but heartwarming tale, lovingly crafted with meticulous stop-motion animation.

The English-language voice cast also includes Will Forte, Ellen Page, and Amy Sedaris, and it’s screening at the Sundance Film Festival before hitting theaters on Feb. 24.

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