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For months now, Logan director James Mangold has been doling out clues about Hugh Jackman's final Wolverine movie. Based on teasers and Mangold's own Instagram posts, we know the movie features an aged Wolverine (so burnt-out he's not even using that name anymore) and Professor X (Patrick Stewart) trying to take care of a mysterious young girl named Laura (Dafne Keen), with the villainous cyborg Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) involved somehow. Fans immediately speculated that the girl in question was X-23, a younger female Wolverine clone from the comics who has become a fan favorite in recent years, and that is finally confirmed by the final Logan trailer, released Thursday.

The trailer starts off with a meta twist, as Logan finds young Laura reading an actual X-Men comic. "Maybe a quarter of it happened, and not like this," Logan notes as he flips through it. "In the real world, people die." From there we get a look at Pierce, who arrives with a crew of Mad Max-looking thugs in search of Laura. He seems to change his mind a bit, however, when Laura emerges, and unleashes her own claws. "She's very much like you," Professor X tells Logan, and indeed, as the trailer goes on, X-23 and the former Wolverine seem to really bond. By the end, they're even clawing apart Pierce's goons together. So far, the only major difference seems to be she has two claws instead of three.

Logan is in theaters March 3. Watch the trailer above and check out the film's poster below.

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