Credit: David Livingston/Getty Images, DC Comics

Black Adam

Who says lightning doesn’t strike twice? Dwayne Johnson is getting a movie all to himself to star as Black Adam, the DC Comics villain he was previously announced as playing in a big-screen adaptation of Shazam.

EW has confirmed that Warner Bros.’ New Line division is now developing Black Adam in addition to Shazam, with both films existing under the umbrella of the DC cinematic universe.

Johnson and New Line first announced back in 2014 that he would play Black Adam, the immortal, power-mad pharaoh’s son who serves as both dark mirror and arch nemesis of the boy-turned-superhero Shazam. Just last week, Johnson teased on social media that he recently had “a very cool and strategic meeting with the heads of DC about their entire universe,” and hinted at his ambitions to position Black Adam as “the most ruthless villain/anti-hero of all time.”

Black Adam is in the early stages of development, with no writer or director yet attached.

In the meantime, Johnson remains busy as usual, with upcoming movies including Baywatch, Fate of the Furious, and Jumanji.

Black Adam
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