Credit: Omaze

Be careful which New England comic shop you walk into: it might be a Chris Evans prank in waiting.

The Captain America star partnered up with Omaze to offer fans a chance to win an escape room experience and a meal with Evans, all to benefit the nonprofit Christopher’s Haven. For the uninitiated, Evans took over a Boston comic store to lure in unsuspecting fans into an escape room of their own.

Evans hid in the basement with a walkie-talkie, waiting for people to walk near a Captain America doll. He barked out quips (“Maybe a little more gentle next time,” he said after the doll was knocked over) and eventually gave hints as to how to solve the hidden puzzles. Though he mostly helped, Evans enjoyed toying with the contestants — like telling them to look for “the most subtle detail” when the clue was a giant banner. One clue involved going out to a public street and asking random folks if they supported Hydra.

Ultimately, the adventurers found a secret door that led to a terribly lit passageway. Evans lied in wait to surprise fans — even freaking out some.

See Evans’ hijinks above and learn more about his Omaze campaign here.

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