This Thursday night, Jan. 19, movie audiences seeking a crazy adventure — on the last night of Obama's presidency, no less — would be wise to take a chance on Lost in London.

Actor Woody Harrelson's single-take comedy about one eventful night in the U.K. capital, costarring Owen Wilson and Willie Nelson, will be filmed and broadcast live into movie theaters nationwide, which he teases in the video above.

Harrelson might be a somewhat unorthodox leader of a cinematic revolution, but the fact is the twice-Oscar-nominated actor is attempting something that has simply never been done before. By his own admission, Lost in London is somewhat an act of artistic madness. For starters, there are 30 actors and 14 different locations for the live shoot, which will take place at 2:00 in the morning, London time. "Yeah, it might be accurate to call this insanity," Harrelson told EW last month in a Q&A about the project. 

But that's the reason to go see it. Plus, Harrelson is one of the least heralded great actors working in movies today. Look over the last 25 performances he's given — White Men Can't Jump, Kingpin, The People vs. Larry Flynt, No Country for Old Men, Zombieland, The Messenger, True Detective, The Hunger Games, Game Change, The Edge of Seventeen — and marvel at the range and talent he displayed. When Woody asks you to join him for a ride, you have to hop in.

"We're a few days out and frankly I've been a little freaked and a little scared and also a little hopeful," Harrelson tells EW. "But I can't wait for the hope to overshadow the fear. And I'm thinking as we get closer to the day, that's what's going to happen. There's so many technical things to take care of, from the cameras, to the lighting, to the sound, to the choreography of the camera and the people. It's just a lot of moving parts."

But, he adds, it's all moving in the right direction — and the locale doesn't hurt. "I love working in London. The crew is just cracker jack awesome. The actors are amazing and really, truly great and professional."

Check out exclusive pictures of Harrelson and costar Owen Wilson, below, from the rehearsal set of Lost in London.

Credit: Alex MacNaughton
Credit: Alex MacNaughton
Credit: Alex MacNaughton

Also, Harrelson, as most of the world knows now, will be spending a lot of time in London in the near future. Just last week, the actor, 55, was confirmed as Han Solo's mentor in the next Star Wars stand-alone film, which will shoot on soundstages outside the city. "I'm really looking forward to getting back here and working on Star Wars, 'cause I know that's a great gang that I'm lucky to be a part of."

To be part of the live audience to see Lost in London, head over to Fathom Events for tickets and more information.

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