Come on and slam, and welcome to the honest trailer for Space Jam.

For last year’s 20th anniversary, EW chatted with Space Jam director Joe Pykta, who admitted, “I thought the first Space Jam was a silly idea.” It seems that the folks at Screen Junkies agree, judging by their latest Honest Trailers installment.

Dubbing Space Jam “the Citizen Kane of live-action animated hybrid basketball movies,” the trailer points out a few of the film’s plot holes, ranging from the sudden appearance of Bill Murray in Looney Tunes land to no one noticing the disappearance of Michael Jordan to the fact that most of the action takes place underground and not in space like the title implies.

While the trailer features many gripes about the film, the most critical are aimed at the star, basketball legend Michael Jordan. “Cringe as your childhood hero shows off the limitations of his non-basketball skills,” the voice-over narration says. “Like acting, coaching, being a good teammate, being a good friend, wearing appropriate-sized khakis, and being a role model. Yikes. Unless you’re dunking on somebody, don’t be like Mike, kids.”

Hopefully somewhere Justin Lin and LeBron James are watching and taking notes for Space Jam 2.

Watch the video above.

Space Jam (Movie)
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