Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Ben Affleck recall embarrassing mom moments on the red carpet
Credit: Jeff Vespa/WireImage

Stars: they’re just like us. They laugh, they cry, they get embarrassed by their mothers.

Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Ben Affleck, and Sienna Miller dropped by The Graham Norton Show together, where they each recalled a time they’d taken their mother as a plus one to a red carpet event, and the hilariously embarrassing moments that ensued.

“My mom was convinced that year by her friend that beehives were gonna be all the rage, and if you didn’t have a beehive, you’d feel embarrassed,” Gosling explained. “It turned out to be the opposite.”

After his mom’s sky-high ‘do caused some trouble for Rachel Weisz, who was seated behind her, Gosling put himself in the running for Son of the Year by getting Meryl Streep to compliment his mom’s hair so she wouldn’t be self conscious.

Meanwhile, Stone’s mother hilariously played dumb when seated next to then-It Couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at Stone’s first Golden Globe Awards.

“She was just asking multiple questions, like if they had kids, maybe, do you? What’s it like? I had no idea! The whole time,” Stone remembered with a laugh.

Affleck chimed in, too, after he and Matt Damon brought their moms to the Oscars in 1998.

“We did take our moms, which only fueled rumors of our sexuality,” Affleck joked. “They do a weird thing at the Oscars, they put big name placards…so it’ll say ‘Jack Nicholson’ or ‘Ryan Gosling.’ And my mom was obsessed by that, and went around taking pictures…like, you do know that’s not the real Jack Nicholson?”

Watch the clip above for pictures of the stars and their moms.