Videos of a young Ryan Gosling dancing to various ’90s hits are nothing new. But footage of Gosling actually watching himself in those retro clips? Thanks to Graham Norton, we now know what that looks like too.

Gosling appeared with his La La Land costar Emma Stone on the British host’s talk show, and was subjected to watching an old video of himself dancing to Cathy Dennis’ “Touch Me.”

The actor, who was born in Canada, was the only male member of the Elite Dance Studio troupe of hoofers. As he explained to Norton, youth dancing is “a cutthroat business” — something he had first-hand knowledge of after appearing on a Canadian talent competition show.

“My main competition were these two twins who were tap dancers and they were dancing to Phil Collins’ ‘Two Hearts.’ They had big heart-shaped bows and they were the ones to beat,” Gosling explained, before adding he had wished them luck as he headed out on stage. “I looked up just off stage and the two twins are standing there like the twins from The Shining and they’re just going like this…”


La La Land is out now.

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