If driving on the freeways in Los Angeles wasn't already hard enough, Ponch and Baker are back on their bikes.

If driving on the freeways in Los Angeles wasn’t already hard enough, Ponch and Baker are back on their bikes.

The first trailer for CHIPs, which you can see above and is a big screen adaptation of the popular NBC series that premiered in 1977, debuted Wednesday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Now patrolling the California highways are Dax Shepard and Michael Peña, taking on the roles of Jon Baker and Frank “Ponch” Poncharello, originated by Larry Wilcox and Erik Estrada, respectively.

Shepard wrote and directed the upcoming film, which looks to be explosive and action-packed, and finds both men as fresh recruits to the California Highway Patrol. Ponch is a federal agent tasked with going undercover in the CHP to investigate whether a recent heist was an inside job. Not making his mission any easier is Baker, a retired X-Games biker who only joined the CHP to save his marriage — his on-screen wife played by his real-life wife Kristen Bell.

Previewing the film for EW in December, Shepard discussed the tone he set out to create for his film.

“My aim was somewhere in the Bad Boys, Lethal Weapon world,” he shared. “That was my take on it. It’s interesting because it’s definitely a comedy, where the show is not, but the stakes are very real and the world is real and the physics are real and all those things are grounded. Insane situations happen but it’s not happening in a satire world or a heightened world. It’s a very real world.”

Watch the trailer above and check out the film’s poster below.

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