Credit: Murray Close

Hold on to your wands, Harry Potter fans — a new restaurant of the magical variety has officially opened in New York.

Pasta Wiz, a Harry Potter-inspired pasta restaurant, recently opened in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

According to the Pasta Wiz website, “the interior of the Pasta Wiz flagship resembles a wizard’s enchanted lair, the real magic shines through in the prep time of their dishes.”

Customers can order their dishes using iPads and tablets upon entering, and receive their orders in three minutes or less. According to Gothamist, some of the dishes on the menu like “Magic Meatballs” and “Vegan Mediterranean” are between $13 and $14.

Though only one Pasta Wiz restaurant is currently open, owner Alex Dimitrov told Gothamist that his plans to open more locations are dependent on the popularity of his flagship in Brooklyn.