Poor Passengers. The interstellar epic might have two of the biggest stars in Hollywood (Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence), an acclaimed Black List script, and an Oscar-nominated director (Morten Tyldum), but that apparently wasn’t enough to launch it into the stratosphere.

Since it opened in December, Passengers has been subject to savage reviews, which have condemned everything from the chemistry of the two leads to the overall silliness of its plot. Many critics have especially objected to one of Passengers’ central plot points, decrying it as both misogynistic and creepy, and the film currently holds only a 31 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Now, ScreenCrush has rounded up some of the most vitriolic reviews, resulting in a hilarious updated trailer. Some of the excerpted critical gems include “really very horrifying and not in a good way” and “Titanic in space? No, but it’s certainly a disaster.”

Watch the recut trailer above, and head here to read EW’s roundup of Passengers reviews.

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