The Girl With All the Gifts

In the near future-set horror film The Girl with All the Gifts, mankind has been virtually wiped by a disease which eradicates free will and transforms its victims into flesh-eating “hungries.” The only people immune to its effects? A group of children who, despite being infected, retain normal thoughts and emotions, and are subjected to cruel experiments by Glenn Close’s Dr. Caldwell at an army base in rural England. When the base falls, a child called Melanie (Sennia Nanua) escapes with her teacher Miss Justine (Gemma Arterton), a soldier played by Paddy Considine, and Caldwell.

Adapted from the novel of the same name, The Girl with All the Gifts can be seen exclusively on DirecTV from Jan. 26. Saban will then premiere the film in theaters on Feb. 24, when it will also be released on demand.

Watch the film’s new trailer above.

The Girl With All the Gifts
  • Movie
  • 111 minutes