Trash-talking hero 'wouldn't mix with the tone,' he says.
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Credit: Joe Lederer; Marvel

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds says he wants to pair his wisecracking antihero with the feral tough guy Wolverine, but the upcoming movie Logan isn’t the proper vehicle.

A day after shooting down a report that he would make a cameo in the Hugh Jackman-starring film, Reynolds tweeted, “I want a Deadpool/Wolvie film. But Logan is its own unique & perfect thing. The Big Red [S‑‑‑]-Talker wouldn’t mix with the tone.”

Set for release March 3, Logan stars Jackman as an aging Wolverine, fighting for survival in a world where the mutant population is in decline and his mentor Professor X (Patrick Stewart) is in poor health.

Promotional materials for the movie, including a moody trailer set to Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt,” suggest it will have a grim, somber tone. That would seem to be at odds with Reynolds’ quippy, self-referential portrayal of Deadpool.

The notion of Deadpool appearing in Logan was first floated by The Wrap, which reported Wednesday that Reynolds recently shot a scene for the film, possibly a post-credits sequence. Reynolds, Jackman, and Logan director James Mangold denied the report, and a source familiar with the movie told EW that Deadpool is not in it.

Wolverine and Deadpool do have considerable comic book history, however. They also shared the screen previously in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, albeit with a very different take on Deadpool.

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