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December 29, 2016 at 07:53 PM EST

A day after Billie Lourd lost her grandmother Debbie Reynolds, and two days after losing her mother, Carrie Fisher, the third-generation actress received a heartfelt message of support from stepfather Bruce Bozzi Jr.

Posting an Instagram photo of Lourd with Reynolds and Fisher on her college graduation day, Bozzi wrote that it’s “an honor” to be her stepfather, and that “heaven just got a s‑‑‑ load more fun!”

Bozzi, a restaurateur, is the recent husband and longtime partner of Lourd’s father, talent agent Bryan Lourd, who had been in a years-long relationship with Fisher in the early 1990s before leaving her for another man.

In her wry, revealing 2008 memoir, Wishful Drinking, Fisher addressed their unique family dynamic. “Turning people gay is kind of a superpower of mine,” she wrote. “It’s not called upon a lot, but when it is, I pick up my little pink phone, I put on my rainbow-colored cape, and I’m there like a shot!” She also wrote that Bryan Lourd “took such good care of me” and is “a great father.”

In Bozzi’s Instagram post, he likewise displayed a good sense of humor, noting that Fisher once called him “a good stepmother.” He added, “I will always be & the strength of these women live so vibrantly in you.”

Read Bozzi’s full tribute above.

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