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Hugh Jackman had not just one, but two gifts this week for fans eager to see more of his next turn as Wolverine in the upcoming Logan.

After debuting a new photo Tuesday on Twitter, showing the film’s older, more world-weary mutant leaning on a car as the sun sets behind him, the actor followed up Wednesday by debuting a new poster online as well.

The poster, also shared by Jackman on social media, depicts him walking towards the camera as the sun goes down on an empty landscape behind him.

Logan screened an extended preview earlier this month, where viewers who saw the footage praised the gritty, Western-inspired tone of the X-Men spin-off. The new film focuses on a more grizzled and scarred version of the character — but one that still packs some very sharp claws.

Take a look at the new photo and poster below. Logan, directed by James Mangold, hits theaters on March 3.

Credit: Hugh Jackman via Facebook


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