The independent film actress weighs the pros and cons of working on Manchester by the Sea against a studio run film on an episode of EW: The Show.

On this week’s episode of EW: The Show, Manchester by the Sea actress Gretchen Mol discussed the difference between studio film shoots and their independent counterparts.

Kenneth Lonergan’s drama is now nominated for five Golden Globe awards, including Best Picture, which raises the question of how capturing a down-to-earth story happens in independent cinema. “To be honest I feel like most of the things I’ve done have been independent productions,” the actress told host Ricky Camilleri. Mol plays Elise, the absentee and former alcoholic mother to Patrick (Lucas Hedges) who attempts to get back into his life after a family tragedy.

Camilleri asks the main difference between a studio film shoot and an independent one, which Mol sums up as “less work in more time…. With Manchester, I worked three days and that was sort of my whole time with it and it was shot in, I don’t know, 26 days or something like that, so I think it’s the time factor, the time element, the amount of opinions that there are on bigger budget things,” she said.

As for opinions, it’s the details the actress notes are noticeably different between the types of sets. “There’s always someone who’s focusing on the length of the skirt or things that you think they shouldn’t be worrying so much about.”

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