The family comedy, which costars Finesse Mitchell and Naya Rivera, premieres Jan. 12 on Crackle.

Mad Families

What happens when three families happen to book the same campsite for the same holiday weekend? Sheer chaos, as seen in the new trailer for Mad Families, starring Charlie Sheen and Leah Remini.

The Crackle original movie shows off jokes that’ll be familiar to Sheen fans from his Two and a Half Men days. The three families — one white, one Hispanic, and one African-American — all refuse to give up their reservation for anyone else. Thus, the male members of the family engage in a series of contests to win rights to the ground. Cheyenne (Remini) thinks little of the competition: “Do you think men ever get a POV of themselves and just go, ‘We’re really stupid?'”

Also starring Finesse Mitchell (Roadies) and Naya Rivera (Glee), Mad Families, directed by Fred Wolf (Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser) and penned by him and David Spade, arrives Jan. 12, 2017 on Crackle. See the new trailer above.

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Mad Families
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