'Frozen' and 'Big Hero 6' also make appearances in the oceanic adventure.

By Marc Snetiker
December 08, 2016 at 05:55 PM EST

Consider the coconut, consider its trees, and consider the one that cosplays as Baymax from Big Hero 6.

By now, you’ve hopefully escaped to the movies with Moana, Disney’s latest animated hit which tells the tale of an ambitious girl in the South Pacific who finds herself thrust on an adventure across the ocean with a demigod. For all its many merits, the film also has a few hidden Easter eggs which EW is excited to reveal as the movie enters its third week in release.

A slew of past Disney movies are all a part of Moana, whether you noticed or not. Did you catch these easily-missed Moana moments?

The Little Mermaid: You can’t expect a movie set on an ocean and directed by the two legends who helmed the 1989 Disney classic to not wedge in copious references to Ariel’s undersea adventure. Mermaid pops up a couple of times in Moana: Noticeably, in the post-credits scene in which giant crustacean Tamatoa references Sebastian the crab, but more sneakily, during the manic color-pop montage in Maui’s anthem, “You’re Welcome.” Flounder makes a quick swim onscreen!


Frozen: Disney’s biggest-ever animated blockbuster gets a pair of cameos as well, again with a discrepancy between how noticeable they are. When Maui’s fish hook starts to malfunction and he can’t stop transforming into different animals, it’s tough to miss the brief appearance by reindeer Sven. At the very start of the film, though, Chief Tui and baby Moana stand in front of a tapa cloth that bears a monster etching inspired by Marshmallow, the fierce enchanted snowman and personal bodyguard of Elsa.



Wreck-It Ralph: Those same tapa cloths that decorate the village of Motunui also contain another reference, although this one’s not so subtle: Wreck-It Ralph himself makes an appearance, centuries before he’ll ever vanquish video games (or log onto cyberspace for the 2018 sequel).



Big Hero 6: Most delightful of all, perhaps, is the hidden cameo by Baymax, the inflatable healthcare robot from the 2014 superhero comedy. Remember the dangerously adorable/adorably dangerous Kakamoras, those coco (but not Coco) creatures who chase Moana and Maui across the ocean? Keep a close eye on crowd shots of the little folks: One of them is dressed as Baymax!


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