Twenty years ago, a pair of up-and-coming filmmakers named Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez made a genre-bending movie about two bank-robbing brothers who take a vacationing family hostage and end up battling vampires south of the border.

With From Dusk Till Dawn set to return to theaters for its 20th anniversary, EW has an exclusive clip of the new Q&A with Tarantino and Rodriguez that will screen alongside the Miramax film.

In the video, the two discuss the movie’s unconventional approach to storytelling. “You’d be turning the page and suddenly there were vampires,” recalls Rodriguez, the film’s director. “You were like, ‘Wait a minute.'”

“I just had such a good time with those characters,” says writer-actor Tarantino, who likens the movie to the 1955 film noir The Desperate Hours, only with a supernatural twist. “It’s two movies put together, and you kind of flip a switch. And we don’t indicate it to the audience.”

Rodriguez also says the success of a previous Tarantino effort gave them some clout to make the movie they wanted.

“We were young filmmakers, we were really testing the boundaries,” he says. “People were going, ‘This is all wrong; it’s two movies in one.’ After Pulp Fiction, everybody wanted to make it, and they’d go, ‘It’s two movies in one; it’s fantastic!'”

Watch Tarantino and Rodriguez in the video above. From Dusk Till Dawn returns to theaters nationwide Sunday, Nov. 6, and Wednesday, Nov. 9. Tickets and details are available via the Fathom Events website.

From Dusk Till Dawn
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