When was the last time you got excited about a Predator movie? If it’s been a while, Shane Black is hoping to change that.

During a recent Town Hall on SiriusXM Entertainment Weekly Radio (ch. 105), the Nice Guys and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang director said he wants his yet-untitled Predator sequel to have an “event feel,” rather than the generic quality of some of the franchise’s later installments.

“Fox has been in the habit of making one of these Predator movies every couple years, and they put them out for a limited budget that kind of guaranteed return, but they’re not really something that’s an event,” Black said.

“I want to try to get back to that,” he continued. “Because there was a freshness, I think, to the first one. … It was special then, and I want to get back to trying to reinvent it in the sort of way that it acquires that event feel that makes people want to treat it like a big movie.”

Black has history with the Predator series, having played a supporting role opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1987 original. As for the challenge of reviving the franchise, he told EW he’s up for it: “I resisted it, and finally I said I can’t, I gotta do it.”

Watch the clip above for more. The Nice Guys opens May 20, and the next Predator movie is due March 2, 2018.

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