Looking back on some of the star's best films
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Scarface (1983)

A year after her bad-girl breakout in Grease 2, Pfeiffer found herself sharing the screen with one of Hollywood’s biggest heavyweights, Al Pacino. And as Tony Montana’s opportunistic cokehead wife, Elvira, she doesn’t just hold her own, she gives as good as she gets. A-

Ladyhawke (1985)

Dismiss this medieval romantic weepie as ye olde hooey at your own peril. Despite all of its Robin Hood-meets-Beastmaster window dressing, Richard Donner’s film is a heartbreaking love story. And it’s the never-lovelier Pfeiffer who pulls at your heartstrings as a woman cursed to be separated from the man she loves (Rutger Hauer). B

Married To the Mob (1988)

As the gum-snappin’ Angela de Marco, Pfeiffer proved she had the chops for comedy (and the ear for a Noo Yawk honk). Jonathan Demme’s wiseguy rom-com is more than a mafioso cartoon thanks to Pfeiffer’s ace portrayal of a desperate widow finding her voice. B+

The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989)

Otherwise known as the film in which Pfeiffer overshadows not one but two Bridges brothers by slinking across the top of a cocktail-lounge piano, singing ”Makin’ Whoopee.” Hands down, the role of her career…so far. A-

The Age of Innocence (1993)

It’s easy to see why Daniel Day-Lewis’ Newland Archer is so tortured beneath his steely upper-crust facade. After all, what man could restrain himself after swapping flirty sitting-room banter with Pfeiffer’s scandalous Ellen Olenska — the kind of free-spirited beauty who sneers at propriety and can turn a bumpy carriage ride into an epic seduction? B+

Dark Shadows
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