By Benjamin Svetkey
February 06, 2012 at 08:45 PM EST
Easter Eggs

Ferris Bueller fans have probably already spotted most of the easter eggs in Honda’s Super Bowl ad, which finally aired during Sunday’s game after generating tons of buzz online for a week. Some are a tad on the obscure side — honestly, who remembers Ferris’ street address? — but here’s the complete official list, courtesy RPA, the ad agency that made the spot. As Ferris himself would say, so choice. (And click the jump below to see the commercial again!)

*In the talent agent’s office: On a shelf there’s an electric orb just like the one in Cameron’s room in the film, as well as a chair with a horse silhouette on the back, just like the one in Ferris’ room. On his desk are the same trophies that Principle Rooney had in his office as well as the same neatly lined up antacids and pens, while the three white-out bottles are a reference to the ones on Rooney’s secretary’s desk. Like a lot of these easter eggs, it’s easy to miss, but look carefully and you’ll also find a toy Ferrari in a glass case on the agent’s desk, a nod to the life-sized one they borrow from Cameron’s dad in the movie. That framed child’s drawing on the agent’s cabinet was the same picture on the fridge in Ferris’ house, and the baseball the agent is fondling is a nod to the foul ball Ferris catches at the Cub’s game. The agent’s name, by the way, Walter Linder, was in the reservation book at Chez Quis during the famous Abe Foreman scene. As for the name of the company where the agent works, Rozman, Peterson & Frye, that one even John Hughes might have missed: Ferris’ mom’s coworker was named Barbara Rozman, Sloan’s last name was Peterson, and Cameron’s last name was Frye.

*In Matthew Broderick’s hotel: The red phone is the same phone Ferris had in his room. The Rottweiler at the hotel entrance looks a lot like the Bueller dog.

*In the Honda: That rabbit foot keychain sticking out of the ignition is a reference to the scene in which Ferris and Cameron rub good luck charms in the back of a taxi while hiding from Ferris’ dad. The name on the dashboard screen when Broderick makes a mobile call is Grace, Rooney’s secretary’s name. Grace’s phone number — 312-555-2800 — contains both the area code for Chicago (where the movie takes place) as well as the street address for the Bueller house (the 555 is just filler). The car’s license plate — SOCHOIC — refers to “so choice,” Ferris-speak for cool.

*While driving, Broderick passes: A flower delivery man, just like the one Louie Anderson played in the film; a store window with a mannequin wearing Ferris’ vest and another wearing Cameron’s caduceus shirt; a sign for Chez Quiz; and a guy wearing a trench coat and playing the Clarinet (the outfit Ferris wore when he picked up Sloan at school);

*On the roller coaster: The guy sitting behind Broderick is wearing a Red Wings jersey exactly like the one Cameron wore.

*In the natural history museum: There’s a guy in the background wearing Ferris’ vest and beret and a woman wearing the Ronda t-shirt worn by one of the members of the dance troop in the film’s parade scene. The walrus scene is an (extremely) subtle reference to Ferris’ line about the Beatles. “I could be the walrus. I’d still have to bum rides off people.”

*At the races: There’s a man holding a tiki glass exactly like the one Ferris drinks out of in his backyard. There’s also a guy wearing flip-up shades just like Rooney’s.

*At the Chinese parade: There’s a girl on the sidewalk wearing Sloane’s white fringe jacket, a trio of construction workers dancing on the sidelines, and a man wearing the same “HONORED GUEST” sash that was in the movie.

*At Chez Neuf: The valet stand has the same logo as the parking garage in the movie. The name of the restaurant refers to the nine times Ferris missed school in the movie. It could also refer to the number of hours required to figure out all these easter eggs on your own.

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