The film is written and directed by Heroes actress Brea Grant.

Actress Brea Grant is familiar to genre fans for her performances in such movies as Rob Zombie's Halloween II, Beyond the Gates, and this year's romantic drama-creature feature After Midnight. But Grant has been spending a lot of time recently behind the camera. She wrote the upcoming horror film Lucky — in which she also stars — and wrote and directed the comedy-thriller 12 Hour Shift. Set in 1998, over the course of one night at an Arkansas hospital, the film concerns a junkie nurse, her scheming cousin, and a group of black market organ-trading criminals.

12 Hour Shift stars another genre favorite in the form of Angela Bettis, as well as Chloe Farnworth, Nikea Gamby-Turner, and Kit Williamson. The movie also features David Arquette, who, between this, the new documentary You Cannot Kill David Arquette, and his confirmed appearance in the new Scream film, seems to be enjoying something of a career revival. Is it too soon to be talking about the "Arquette-aissance"?

12 Hour Shift premieres at the Fantasia Festival on Saturday. The movie is released in theaters and on demand Oct. 2.

Exclusively watch the trailer for 12 Hour Shift above.

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