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Dave Bautista says 'it's been extremely challenging' breaking out of action roles
Knock at the Cabin was the actor's "put up or shut up moment" after saying for years that he wants meatier parts.
Here's when The Flash, Joker 2, Superman: Legacy, and more upcoming DC films are hitting theaters
Following James Gunn and Peter Safran's announcements about the future of DC Films, here's a calendar to keep track of what's coming out when.
Jar Jar Binks deserves his own Star Wars redemption arc
The clumsy Gungan is actually a great character. No, seriously!

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Watch James Cameron recreate Titanic floating door scene to see if Jack fit with Rose
Cameron and a team of scientists re-staged one of Titanic's final scenes to test the theory that Jack could've survived on the door next to Rose in "dangerous levels of freezing water."
Knock at the Cabin's Ben Aldridge defies old Hollywood fears after coming out: 'I'm meeting myself in my work'
For LGBTQ actors, coming out can mean career suicide. At least, that's the fear. The star of Pennyworth, Spoiler Alert, and now Knock at the Cabin has only flourished since he claimed his identity.