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OG Hocus Pocus actors aren't in Hocus Pocus 2 — but here's how Max, Allison, and Dani are!
Max, Allison, and Dani play an important role in Hocus Pocus 2, even if the actors who played them in the 1993 original aren't in the movie.
Bros cast breaks down that epic sex scene — and reveals '$30,000 butt rig' they cut from the film
Billy Eichner and Luke Macfarlane recall that puppeteers were needed to operate the rig. "Luke will take your foot and put it in his face, and you go from there," Eichner adds.
Kathy Najimy explains why Mary's crooked mouth is on the other side in Hocus Pocus 2
"This is a big comedy, so you don't have to be subtle or have a 40-page Shakespearean backstory," Najimy tells EW of updating Mary Sanderson's iconic mouth move for the sequel.

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How Mila Kunis helped Luckiest Girl Alive author create a 'powerful' — and polarizing — new ending for the movie

"A lot of people didn't like it, but I fought so hard for it to stay in," says Kunis on the revised ending. "I'm really glad that we won this fight."