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The Hellraiser movies, ranked
As a new era of Hellraiser and Pinhead shows us such sights, we rank all the previous installments of the franchise, from the (many) misfires to the must-sees.
Charlize Theron and Kerry Washington have fun at the extremes in The School for Good and Evil
Theron recalls being 'intimidated' by Washington's skills on the set: 'I was watching it from afar going, 'Oh s---, I've got to sort my s--- out really fast.'"
Javier Bardem is singing and dancing with a reptile, and loving it
In Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile, the Oscar winner is ready to introduce the world to a different side, one that stans The Greatest Showman.

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Kristen Bell, Ben Platt, and Allison Janney are peeved in first look at The People We Hate at the Wedding
Director Claire Scanlon teases, "I love watching this family squirm and frankly get their own comeuppance for making absolutely terrible, yet hilarious choices."
The Descent director unleashes more monster mayhem in trailer for The Lair
Soldiers square off against a horde of creatures in Neil Marshall's Afghanistan-set horror movie.
Triangle of Sadness review: A wicked class satire at sea

It's hell or high water in the outrageous latest from the sly Swedish filmmaker behind Force Majeure and The Square.