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On the box office express, Bullet Train rides to No. 1
David Leitch's action comedy about five assassins aboard a fast-moving bullet train opened with $30.1 million.
The cast and director of Easter Sunday school us on their favorite Filipino foods
We've got questions (and an appetite) and Jo Koy and his cast mates have answers — and yes, you do traditionally eat with your hands.
Anne Heche reportedly hospitalized after fiery car crash
The vehicle became engulfed in flames, and the driver, believed to be the actress, received burn injuries and was transported to a local hospital for treatment.
How the Bullet Train team made 'action inside a tube' exciting for 2 hours
Brad Pitt credits Jackie Chan as their close-quarters inspiration: 'He's just the greatest and our Buster Keaton.'

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Bullet Train breakthrough Andrew Koji gets candid on Snake Eyes, Warrior, and Hollywood

The co-star of the Brad Pitt-led actioner opens up about the demanding Warrior, working with "difficult people," and the "awful" G.I. Joe movie he made.