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Staten Island goes crazy for Rocky III in trailer for This Is the Night
Naomi Watts, Frank Grillo, and Bobby Cannavale star in drama which takes place on release date of third Rocky Balboa slugfest.
A horror maven's muse: Kate Siegel looks back on a decade of scares with Midnight Mass creator Mike Flanagan
From 'Oculus' to 'The Haunting of Hill House' to their latest collaboration, the actress and her filmmaker husband have made a career of scaring the bejesus out of us.
Jessica Chastain wants to show Tammy Faye Bakker was not the villain 'sexist culture' made her to be
"I looked for a really seedy side that I thought was true and I just couldn't find it," the actress tells EW of the vast research she did to tackle playing the larger-than-life televangelist.
Everybody's Talking About Jamie cast spills tips on good drag, from Gaga to 'donkey sperm'
Bianca Del Rio, Max Harwood, and Richard E. Grant break down the art of getting into good drag with help from Britney Spears, a good wig, and, uh, donkey sperm.

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Hollywood's chaotic summer reflects a film industry in transition — with no end in sight
Even with a promising fall movie season ahead and renewed confidence in the box office, there's very little to indicate what the industry's "new normal" will look like.
Nicolas Cage talks Prisoners of the Ghostland, favorite workout music, and testicle grenades
The Oscar-winning actor plays a bank robber forced to wear a suit covered with bombs in Sion Sono's wild new movie.