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Bond producer remembers 'very sad' meeting with Amy Winehouse about recording 007 song
New Prime Video documentary The Sound of 007 details the history of the James Bond theme, scores, and the late singer's proposed plan to record the song for 2008's Quantum of Solace.
Bros review: It's here, it's queer, it's a pretty great rom-com
Billy Eichner is a podcaster looking for love, and casually breaking big-screen history.
Smile director was worried no one would notice crowd 'smilers' at baseball games
"We were all crossing our fingers," says filmmaker Parker Finn of the viral marketing campaign for his horror movie.

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A Hocus Pocus musical is flying to Broadway
The film's producer David Kirschner has revealed that a stage adaptation of the 1993 classic is in the works.
Hellraiser first reactions praise 'gnarly, horny' reboot of iconic horror franchise
The movie, starring Jamie Clayton, screened at Austin's Fantastic Fest on Wednesday night.