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Ezra Miller reportedly exposed children, including a baby, to guns, bullets, and weed on their farm
Sources tell 'Rolling Stone' the location is not safe, alleging that guns are left unattended around the house and that a 1-year-old baby 'picked up a loose bullet and put it in her mouth.'
How horror icon Tom Savini created that terrifying mask for The Black Phone
"It's the old legend that still delivers" says director Scott Derrickson of Savini's work on the film.

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The man who would be King: Inside Austin Butler's Elvis transformation
The actor, his director Baz Luhrmann, and costar Tom Hanks reflect on how the 30-year-old found the rebel, the soul, and the rock & roll heart of Elvis Presley.
The best World War II movies of all time
Spanning 80 years of action, gore, terror, romance, and the occasional laughs, here are the best World War II features to give you a movie night to remember.