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Zoë Kravitz refused to censor the title of her directorial debut Pussy Island
"It represents this time where it would be acceptable for a group of men to call a place that, and the illusion that we're out of that time now."
2002 rewatch: In praise of the low-key radicalism and chill-hang vibes of Blue Crush
Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez, and Sanoe Lake headlined the summer's most summer-y movie
Gina Lollobrigida, 95-year-old star of Hollywood's Golden Age, is planning a run for the Italian Senate
The nonagenarian actress had grown "tired of hearing politicians arguing with each other without ever getting to the point" and decided to do something about it.  
Robert De Niro reuniting with Goodfellas writer to play two crime bosses in new gangster movie
Nicholas Pileggi wrote the script for Wise Guys, while Goodfellas producer Irwin Winkler will also work on the film.
Wolfgang Petersen, Das Boot and Air Force One director, dies at 81
The Oscar-nominated filmmaker began his career in Germany and became a sought-after talent in Hollywood.
The must-see romantic comedies on HBO Max
From old Hollywood classics to hilarious new favorites, here are some essential rom-com movies you can stream on HBO Max right now.

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