Good Boys (2019 Movie)

If Booksmart was this year’s witty, girl-centric Superbad, then Good Boys (executive-produced, naturally, by Seth Rogen) is its smutty-sweet tween offspring: Superbrat.

The kids, for all their F-bombs and addled hormones, are actually all right — Max (Jacob Tremblay), Lucas (Keith L. Williams), and Thor (Brady Noon), best friends united by the prepubescent bedlam of sixth grade. They’re still young enough for role-playing games in a pillow fort, but old enough to be invited to their first real party — the kissing kind.

The need to find out exactly what that means leads to a quixotic journey involving Max’s dad’s forbidden drone, a stolen bottle of molly, and a hazard-filled trip to the local mall, punctuated by profane interactions with various bemused grown-ups (including Retta, Will Forte, Molly Gordon, and Stephen Merchant). There are O-faced sex dolls and illicit freeway crossings, warm beers and rogue frat bros.

Good Boys
Credit: Ed Araquel/Universal

Mostly, the story is just scant scaffolding on which to hang cheerfully crass jokes about Stranger Things, anal beads, and cocaine. But it’s a winning showcase, too, for the loopy charm of its young stars: Room’s Tremblay as Max, the ideal Everyboy; Noon as the spiky but vulnerable Thor, a sort of fun-size Danny McBride; and Williams’ rule-abiding Lucas, a kid so earnestly transparent, it’s like he ate truth serum for breakfast. In the end, it’s their fundamental goodness — not all the wicked, winky “bad” — that’s easily the best thing about Boys. B–

Good Boys (2019 Movie)
The film from executive producer Seth Rogen just finished No. 1 at the box office.
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