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Kerri Colby urges Drag Race fans to fight for trans rights: 'The love doesn't just end in the bar'
"It is a splash in a puddle in a very big ocean, but ripples happen and tsunamis happen because of these things," Kerri says, urging Drag Race fans to fight for LGBTQ equality.
Director Todd Haynes breaks down Velvet Goldmine's 'That's me!' moment
The director discusses working with Christian Bale and their most recent reunion at the Oscars.
Drag Race designer Zaldy says RuPaul's patch dress wasn't an ode to Maddy Morphosis
The Emmy-winning fashion ace also reveals which of the All Stars 7 queens' looks from the episode 7 tribute to RuPaul gave him "goosebumps" on the runway.
Get out: The rise and rise of queer horror
A new wave of horror films is burying homophobic stereotypes and breathing life into LGBTQ+ characters while still scaring the hell out of audiences.

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Drag Race season 14 queens reveal their makeover challenge plans, from bug tongues to demons
Willow Pill, Bosco, Jasmine Kennedie, Kerri Colby, and Kornbread break down what they would have done for the makeover challenge on Drag Race season 14.
Watch Drag Race stars Kerri Colby and Kornbread do their Snatch Game characters we never got to see

The queens reveal their celebrity impressions of Mariah Carey and Leslie Jordan that they didn't got the chance to do on season 14.