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It’s not just a dream anymore — Billie Eilish just got everything she wanted. And it’s a family affair.

Or, maybe not everything, but before the 2020 Grammy Awards even began their televised portion, breakout 2019 star Billie Eilish was already a big winner. Eilish herself took home gold for Best Pop Vocal Album for her debut album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

The album resulted in a Grammy for her brother Finneas as well, nabbing him the Grammy Award for Best Engineered Album (non-classical). Finneas also scored the Grammy Award for Producer of the Year (non-classical), making him the youngest person ever to win that award at 22. He also produced tracks last year for the likes of Selena Gomez and Camila Cabello.

But it’s Finneas and Eilish’s connection that makes the true magic, and the two riffed about their special bond on PEOPLE and EW’s Red Carpet Live: At the Grammy Awards. Eilish pointed out their sibling connection is what makes them such a great pair. “We also communicate really well, and we’re best friends — with brother and sister, you can’t really have something that tears you apart. You always are stuck together,” she said on the carpet. “Even if we have a crazy ass argument, somebody makes some stupid ass joke and we laugh and we’re good. It’s family. You gotta stick together.”

Finneas echoed that in his own interviewing, saying, “We have argued our whole lives about everything. That’s what makes a collaborative relationship successful, is when you feel comfortable having discourse with somebody. When you work with somebody and you don’t even feel like you can tell them that you don’t think they’re doing a good enough job, you kind of peace out eventually. With Billie, she’s always comfortable telling me when something can be better…Outside of our working relationship, our relationship [as] siblings is bulletproof. We just love each other so much.”

The wunderkind producer also pointed to Eilish’s own stellar instincts, helping him to succeed as a producer. “To me one of the many reasons, when we first started making music, I was never interested in calling it a duo, like having a band name is her vision is just 20, it’s like 18/18, it’s even sharper than 20/20,” he marveled. “It’s like she knows exactly what she wants; she knows how to get what she wants; she knows what it’ll take; she knows even clearer when something isn’t quite right, how to get it to where it needs to be. That, to me, is what a true artist is — so even though we’re always together making songs, and I produce them, it’s so her vision.”

The two also addressed Eilish’s recent CBS This Morning interview with Gayle King where she opened up about her struggles with depression and anxiety. Eilish called the experience “weird and exposing,” before explaining her reasoning for being so vulnerable. “I want to tell people it does get better. It genuinely does. I fully did not think it would. I want that to be known. I want it to be clear — if you be patient with yourself and work on what’s going to make feel better in your life, you’ll be okay,” she said.”

“I’m so glad she’s being open with it because I think depression and anxiety, especially in people under the age of 25, is so important to talk about and so prevalent,” Finneas explained. “I think watching your sister or anyone you are close with and love suffer from anything like that is such a scary thing because it’s not something you can have an impact on, other than being a good listener, being there for them, really being supportive and encouraging them, but it’s really hard.”

Eilish is up for numerous other Grammy Awards throughout the night, including Song of the Year, Best New Artist, Record of the Year, and Album of the Year. She’s also set to perform on the annual broadcast, which airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on CBS.

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