The pop singer prepared to play "Moth Into Flame" with a giant new moth tatoo
Credit: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images; Andrew Lipovsky/Getty Images

Lady Gaga is always one to embrace a big moment. One week after sky-diving into her acclaimed Super Bowl halftime show, Gaga prepared to perform with Metallica at the Grammys in a very permanent way.

Before the awards show began, Gaga posted an Instagram revealing a new back tattoo of a giant moth with a skull for a face, an apparent reference to the Metallica song “Moth Into Flame” they’ll be playing together.

“The Moth and Metallica,” Gaga wrote in the caption, adding a moth emoji and #Grammys hashtag for good measure.

Check out the picture below, and stay tuned for more of EW’s Grammys coverage. See a full winners’ list here.

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