While 2018 had many notable celebrity deaths, including the passing of icons like Stan Lee, Penny Marshall, and Burt Reynolds, the 2019 Golden Globes did not include an In Memoriam segment.

No, it wasn’t for lack of time or any disrespect to the dead. The Golden Globes ceremony almost never has an In Memoriam segment, with one recent notable exception in 2017 when they paid tribute to the sudden deaths of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher.

“We have not done an ‘In Memoriam’ on the Golden Globes. Those things are handled really well by the Oscars and the Screen Actors Guild,” Globes producer Barry Adelman told PEOPLE back in 2017.

Instead of dedicating broadcast time to a tribute to luminaries we lost, the Golden Globes instead typically honor those who passed in the previous with year with a page on its website, as it has chosen to do again in 2019.

Those waiting with baited breath to see which of their favorite deceased stars are included in the tribute (and who gets snubbed) will have to wait for the SAG Awards on Jan. 27 and the Oscars on Feb. 24. But it’s business as usual at the 76th annual Golden Globe Awards.

Unveiling Of The New 2009 Golden Globe Statuettes
The 2022 Golden Globes winners were presented with little fanfare.
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