He shouted her name in The 40-Year-Old Virgin whilst enduring the world’s most painful chest-waxing. (“AhhhhKellyClarkson!!!”) She’s wanted to meet him ever since. But for more than a dozen years, a run-in between Steve Carell and Kelly Clarkson just didn’t happen. Until last night.

At the Golden Globes, the two stars had a chance to chat, and, on Monday morning, Carell tweeted out the evidence, with just one word attached: “Finally.”

Clarkson immediately responded, calling it “one of my favorite moments of my life.”

When Clarkson spoke to Today in November, she called their history “pretty hilarious,” though she noted that she felt “gypped” that they had not yet had a chance to discuss the iconic moment. “I have yet to meet Steve Carell, and I want to be like, ‘So, was it a compliment? I don’t know, you’re in pain, and you think of Kelly Clarkson.'”

Asked back in 2005 if Carell’s transforming her name into a swearword was the ultimate validation, Clarkson told EW, “When a virgin screams your name, you know you’ve made it.”

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