Last summer, there was a disturbance in the Force when news broke that Lucasfilm was considering a possible Star Wars spin-off movie about Obi-Wan Kenobi. Since then, fans have been speculating about whether original prequel star Ewan McGregor may return to don the Jedi’s robes.

Speaking backstage at the Golden Globes after his win on Sunday night, McGregor said that he didn’t know anything about a potential spin-off — but if he got his way, he’d be happy to return to a galaxy far, far away.

“There’s a lot of talk,” McGregor told reporters backstage. “I’d be happy to play him again. But I don’t know any more about it than you do. There’s no plan at the moment.”

McGregor added that he recently saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi and gave it his stamp of approval.

“I saw the new one just over Christmas, and I thought it was really, really beautiful,” he said. “I loved it.”

In August, news broke that Stephen Daldry was reportedly in talks to direct an Obi-Wan-centric project, and the film would take place between Revenge of the Sith and the original 1977 Star Wars. At the time, sources told EW that it was far from a done deal.

McGregor won his first-ever Golden Globe on Sunday, winning best actor in a limited series for his role as the two Stussy brothers in FX’s Fargo. See the full list of 2018 Golden Globe winners here.

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