James Franco promised he’d bring Tommy Wiseau to the Golden Globes after being nominated for The Disaster Artist — but the star and director went even further than acquiring just a ticket to the show. Franco brought The Room director and star up to the stage during his lively acceptance speech on Sunday night.

But there was a limit to Franco’s generosity. As Wiseau tried to make a speech himself, Franco stiff-armed him away. Franco’s brother, Dave Franco, laughed as he looked on from the side.

After the speech, Wiseau tweeted from the audience.

The Disaster Artist is a film about the making of another film, Wiseau’s The Room, which has grown to become one of the most legendary so-bad-it’s-fun cult classics of the last few years. Franco directed the film and stars in it, and according to cast member Jason Mantzoukas, he directed it in true Tommy style.

“He wasn’t in character as Tommy Wiseau, but once he started the day doing Tommy’s voice, he would spend the rest of the day doing the voice,” Mantzoukas said. “So, it wasn’t like he was pretending to be Tommy, but it was like James using Tommy’s speech pattern and accent. It was really special and very funny.”

During his acceptance speech, Franco pulled out his Wiseau impersonation again, joking that Wiseau once was stuck in traffic during the Golden Globes and vowed to make his own movie. The rest, as they say, is history.

This is Franco’s first Golden Globes win on his fourth nomination, having previously been named in this category for Pineapple Express, in the dramatic category for 127 Hours, and in the miniseries category for James Dean. Franco overcame competitors Steve Carell, Ansel Elgort, Hugh Jackman, and Daniel Kaluuya to win the award.

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