In the Fade has found itself in the awards season spotlight, too, as the German drama has won the Golden Globe for best foreign language film.

Beating out strong competition from the likes of Russia (Loveless), Chile (A Fantastic Woman), Sweden (The Square), and Cambodia (First They Killed My Father), In the Fade — about a grieving mother who seeks vengeance after a pair of neo-Nazi terrorists kill her family in a ruthless bombing attack —took the prize Sunday night at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s annual ceremony.

“Diane, without you — this is yours. This is ours,” writer-director Fatih Akin said to the movie’s star, Diane Kruger, while accepting the award on behalf of Germany.

“I am so privileged to do what I love, and thank you for elevating this movie, even though it’s foreign language,” Kruger said.

Inspired by real-life court cases stemming from violent acts perpetrated by a neo-Nazi group called the National Socialist Underground, In the Fade premiered in May at the Cannes Film Festival, where lead actress Diane Kruger won the prestigious event’s Best Actress prize on top of earning the best reviews of her career.

In the Fade stands to continue its march through awards season when Oscar nominations are announced on Jan. 23, as the film has been shortlisted by the Academy as one of nine titles vying for five nomination slots.

“Terrorism might be the [inciting action] in this movie, but it’s really a universal story about grief, and this problem is a reality that everybody in the world lives with. It could have been jihadists; it could have been a shooter in Las Vegas,” Kruger told EW regarding her interpretation of the film. “In the end, it’s about the people that stay behind, and that’s what’s so touching… I can’t stress to you how acutely aware it made me of the times we live in, and how acutely aware now, when I watch television and there’s another attack, because I know how many Katjas are being created each day and what they must feel.”

Akin continued: “My motivation was in how the media forgot these attacks. Something happens in the news, and tomorrow we forget it. I had to keep this dialogue alive for an audience. Once I began writing, all these political elements shifted to the background. I realized, through Diane’s portrayal of a leftover family member of the victims, that I personally believe it doesn’t mater who killed her husband and her child. After a certain while in the film, it seems to be exchangeable. In grief, we’re all the same.”

See the full list of winners from the 75th annual Golden Globes here.

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