Debra Messing used her Golden Globes red carpet interview on E! to call out the network for failing to pay its male and female employees equally.

When E! host Giuliana Rancic interviewed the Will & Grace star before Sunday’s awards ceremony, Messing spoke about her support for the Time’s Up initiative, before criticizing the network and showing support for former E! host Catt Sadler. Sadler left her job at E! in December after almost 12 years at the network, after learning that her co-host Jason Kennedy earned “double [her] salary and has been for several years.”

“I was so shocked to hear that E! doesn’t believe in paying their female cohost the same as their male cohost,” Messing said. “I miss Catt Sadler. So we stand with her. And that’s something that can change tomorrow. We want people to start having this conversation that women are just as valuable as men.”

In a statement to PEOPLE on Sunday after her pay dispute was mentioned on the red carpet, Sadler said, “I am immensely grateful for the outpouring of support today. Thank you to Amy, Debra, Eva, Brie, Julianne and so many more women using their voices on behalf of us all. Time’s Up.”

Earlier Sunday, Messing tweeted her support for Sadler, writing, “We stand with YOU.”

Messing isn’t the only actress to speak out in support of the former E! host. Stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Eva Longoria, and Brie Larson have all praised Sadler for speaking up, and on Sunday, Amy Schumer posted an Instagram that encouraged Golden Globes attendees to ask E! about how it treated Sadler.

To donate to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, which will provide subsidized legal support to women and men in all industries who have experienced sexual harassment, assault, or abuse in the workplace, visit its GoFundMe page. Learn more about Time’s Up, an organization of women in entertainment combating sexual harassment and inequality, on its website.