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Golden Globe Awards - Season 75
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Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 5

Even before he hosts the 75th Golden Globes on Sunday, Seth Meyers has made himself familiar to late-night TV viewers and awards show fans several times over. He hosted the 66th Emmy Awards in 2014 and continues to host Late Night with Seth Meyers every night on NBC. But in case you need a refresher course before Sunday’s ceremony, here’s what you should know about the host.

1. What did Seth Meyers say about hosting the Golden Globes?

Meyers has discussed President Donald Trump often on Late Night, and he acknowledged to PEOPLE in an interview that political topics will probably come up during the Golden Globes ceremony. But he also said that Hollywood has plenty of its own topics to discuss at such a night, such as the reckoning with industry-wide sexual harassment that began with a multitude of allegations against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

“With the monologue, as far as talking about anything in the news right now, it seems like this year more than ever Hollywood has its own internal politics that obviously deserve to be talked about,” Meyers told PEOPLE. “Going into it, our focus is far more on the worlds that make these films and less on anything that’s happening in Washington.”

Trump or no Trump, this topic is almost guaranteed to come up, since male and female actors alike will be wearing black to the ceremony in protest of harassment and solidarity with victims.

2. How tall is Seth Meyers?

Meyers is 6 feet tall. It’s sometimes hard to gauge this, however, since most of his appearances on TV have come from behind a desk. He hosted Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update for years, and this seated decorum has carried over into Late Night with Seth Meyers. Unlike fellow late-night hosts like Jimmy Kimmel, Meyers does not stand up when delivering his monologues but issues them from behind a desk. In addition to echoing Weekend Update, this setup also makes Meyers feel more comfortable laughing at himself when jokes go bad, as he once explained to Dave Itzkoff of the New York Times. Don’t expect Meyers to be sitting down throughout the Golden Globes, but it’s a good bet that he’ll still manage to bring his same genial atmosphere.

3. How old is Seth Meyers?

Meyers is 44 years old. He joined Saturday Night Live in 2001, and before that, the young comedian got his start in improv at Northwestern University. In 2016, Meyers went back to Northwestern to deliver a commencement address where he managed to mock both Donald Trump and the very concept of being “a doctor of arts.”

4. Is Seth Meyers married?

Meyers is married to human rights lawyer Alexi Ashe; he proposed by tying the ring in a bow around their dog’s collar. She gave birth to their child, Ashe Olsen Meyers, in March 2016. Meyers recounted the story of the birth on his next show, as it involved both a screaming Uber ride and a hospital full of Easter bunny ears.

5. Where is Seth Meyers from?

Before hosting Late Night, Meyers was best known for hosting Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live, where he also worked as head writer. Meyers began with co-host Amy Poehler and ended with co-host Cecily Strong, but for several years, he hosted by himself. The most popular and prolific Weekend Update bit during his time was, of course, Stefon, the character played by Bill Hader (and co-written with John Mulaney) who loved nothing more than telling the public about New York’s hottest clubs. Meyers even had a wedding with Stefon in their final SNL appearance together.

Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 5
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