74th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Season 74
Credit: Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Presenting the Golden Globe for best animated film brought up some painful memories for Kristen Wiig and Steve Carell.

The hilarious duo — and Despicable Me voice actors — had the audience in stitches from the get-go, with Carell greeting the audience, “Good evening peers and regular people.”

Wiig then made a quip about her new short hairdo, saying that in addition to collaborating with Carell for the animated series, the two “also get our haircut together.”

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But the pair really found their groove when Wiig asked Carell if he could remember the first animated movie he ever saw.

“I do actually, very well. Kind of a big deal, I was 6 years old and my dad took me to see Fantasia,” he began.

“It was astounding. The music, the spectacle of the whole thing. It was kind of a life-changing experience,” he continued.

“And as we were leaving the theater, there standing in the lobby was my mom — and that was the moment that she told my dad that she wanted a divorce,” he said, wiping an imaginary tear from his eye.

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“I never saw my father again after that day. Fantasia day,” he added, feigning heartbreak.

Changing the subject, Carell then asked Wiig about the first animated movie she saw as a kid.

Bambi,” Wiig answered. “March 14, 1981: It was the same day we had to put our dogs down,” she said, staring off sadly into the distance.

“My grandpa thought it’d be fun to go to the movie and take our minds off of it,” Wiig added, breaking character with a smile for the first time. “Also, that was the last day I saw my grandpa,” she added. “And I didn’t speak for two years.”

After the nominees for the award appeared onscreen, Carell and Wiig were seen hugging it out onstage.