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Paul Verhoeven’s cat-and-mouse thriller Elle won the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film on Sunday.

The seasoned RoboCop and Basic Instinct director’s latest project, which follows Isabelle Huppert as a businesswoman tracking down the man who sexually assaulted her, beat out fellow nominees Toni Erdmann, Divines, Neruda, and The Salesman for the honor.

After thanking the Hollywood Foreign Press for being so open minded to a movie that “does not really invite you to sympathize with the character,” Verhoeven turned his attention to the movie’s star. “In the center of it all, Isabelle Huppert. It has been a wonderful experience to work with Isabelle. She is so talented. I thank you, Isabelle, for everything you have given to this movie, for your talent, for your audacity, for your authenticity of performance. I think it was wonderful to work with you, and you are wonderful. I love you, and I love you, I love you.”

The French drama’s lead also received a Best Actress nomination for the role. Verhoeven spoke with EW about Huppert’s acting in the film, saying there is “something about her work that you feel is authentic, that it’s based on something. But you cannot say what.”

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