Plus, see an exclusive deleted scene from 'Hotel Transylvania 2'

By Devan Coggan
Updated January 13, 2016 at 03:52 PM EST
Credit: John Shearer/Getty Images

Ricky Gervais may have taken shots at Mel Gibson, and J. Law and A. Schu may have showcased their BFF-ship, but one of the highlights at Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards was Andy Samberg. His zany theories about what may or may not have happened during the ceremony spawned headlines like this one from USA Today: “Andy Samberg killed it at the Golden Globes and we all want him as host.”

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star has been busy since he himself hosted the Emmys in September, and his animated adventure Hotel Transylvania 2, which stars Adam Sandler as Dracula and Samberg as his goofy son-in-law, Johnny, was a box office hit, earning the biggest September opening of all time and raking in more than $169 million.

With Hotel Transylvania 2 out this week on Blu-ray and DVD, EW has an exclusive deleted scene from the film (above). Samberg called EW to talk all things Transylvania, dissect his Golden Globes appearance, and share some scoop about the upcoming Lonely Island movie.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: With Hotel Transylvania 2, was it fun to get back in Johnny’s head? He’s definitely at a different point in his life in the sequel.

ANDY SAMBERG: For sure. I remember when they told me there was going to be a sequel, I didn’t expect it to be as sweet as it was. It’s a very loving, warm, family kind of a movie. In a silly way. That’s all still in there. But I liked seeing that Johnny had grown up, and Mavis had grown up, and they were starting their own little family and becoming adults. Still funny, but a little more mature.

Did you get to do much recording with the other actors like Adam Sandler or Selena Gomez, or were you primarily isolated?

This time, it was more isolated. On the first one, I did a ton of sessions with Sandler because we had a lot together. But it gets tougher and tougher, doing Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and he’s doing a zillion things, so it wasn’t as much this time. But any time it was, it’s just so much fun. And it definitely always yields new jokes and interesting timing. I definitely prefer it if it’s possible.

You’ve done quite a bit of voice work, with Hotel Transylvania, The Awesomes… And I’m a big fan of Party Pat from Adventure Time. Do you enjoy voice acting?

I love it. I mean, I especially like that you don’t have to put on makeup, and you don’t have to shave. Any of that stuff. All the laziness reasons I really enjoy, but from a creative perspective, I also really like it. I’ve loved watching animation, movies and TV, ever since I was a kid, and I continue to love that. So getting to be part of that now is really exciting for me.

Hotel Transylvania 2 was such a box office hit, and there’s been talk about Hotel Transylvania 3. Would you want to come back to this world for a third movie?

Oh, absolutely. I think what Hotel Transylvania 2 did, which is one of the hardest things to do, is to actually improve on the first one. And I really liked the first one. But the second one, I feel like not only was it more successful, like box office-wise, but from a creative standpoint, it really exploded. Genndy [Tartakovsky], who’s the director, is just getting better and better. That dude is brilliant, I think. And the way he animates is so silly and so funny, but also so dynamic. I’m on board for whatever that guy wants to do.

Switching gears a little bit, I wanted to talk to you about the Golden Globes. Your bit was hilarious. How did that come together?

Thanks! They asked me if I wanted to present, and I said yes, and then wrote that.

Pretty straightforward.

Pretty straightforward. I mean, I was excited to be asked. I love the Globes, and obviously, it’s one of the coolest, biggest shows of those kind. So I was very excited to be asked. I got a little help from a few of my friends with the writing and whipped it up. And I was really relieved that I got a laugh.

I loved your theoretical Globes drama, like Tom Hanks barfing and Rob Lowe and Bill Cosby. Were there any other ideas that you were considering but decided not to use?

Oh, there absolutely were. We had quite a few of them. I actually had to switch one out at the last second because no one knew Jonah [Hill] was going to do his bear from The Revenant thing. But my second one actually was: “The bear from The Revenant stormed the stage, very drunk, a very aggressive supporter of Ted Cruz. That was surprising.’” I had the cast of Trumbo, all clearly shrooming. Ruffalo, just killing it, being mellow. Are there any more? I think I put the other ones in. But there were a bunch that I don’t even have written down, but we had fun brainstorming a bunch of weird stuff that could or couldn’t have happened at the Globes.

I think all those things are pretty plausible.

Oh, we had Jane Fonda, openly vaping the whole show.

I wouldn’t be surprised.

Bless her heart, she’s a legend. She can do whatever she wants. So those are a few spares.

I know you said you were such a big fan of the Globes. You did the Emmys, but would you ever want to consider hosting the Globes?

Of course! Yeah, if they wanted me to. And if Gervais didn’t want to, because I’m assuming they’re just going to keep asking him ‘cause he killed it. Him, and Tina and Amy were obviously phenomenal on it, so the bar for that is set very, very high. But sure! I’d definitely do it if they asked.

You might have to break out some of the Jane Fonda jokes, if so.

I know. Maybe I shouldn’t have told them all to you.

And then I also wanted to ask you about the Lonely Island movie, which is coming up. Where’s that at?

We’re editing. It’s going really good. It comes out June 3, as far as I know. And we shot last summer. We’ve got a ton of really fun people in it, and it’s going really good. We’re excited.

Can you tell us anything about what to expect?

It’s kind of a music mock documentary. Sort of in the vein of the pop-umentaries that have been coming out over the past few years, like One Direction and Bieber’s and Katy Perry’s and all of those. And we love those, and we felt like they were a really good format. Kind of the way Spinal Tap did the rock doc, back in the day. We thought maybe it would be well suited to driving a story that is sort of around the pop, rap kind of music — fake music — that we make. So we wrote a story in that world and are using that format. It’s really good. It’s like a concert film, and a tour film and sort of in and around the music industry and that kind of stuff.

The title that’s been floating around is Conner4Real. Is that right?

There’s still no title. It’s still just the Top Secret Untitled Lonely Island Movie, but my character’s name is Conner4Real. Yeah, I am a pop rapper. A rapper singer. You can spell it with an A: a “rapper sanger.” I mean, you don’t have to spell it with an A. It’s only if you want to spell it with an A. There’s no A mandate.