By Devan Coggan
January 06, 2016 at 04:42 PM EST
Warner Bros.

Sunday will mark Ricky Gervais’ fourth time hosting the Golden Globe Awards, but it almost didn’t happen.

Stopping by The Ellen Show, he told DeGeneres that when the Golden Globe producers first asked him to return for a fourth show, he turned them down.

“I really did say no,” he told DeGeneres. “I was editing one film that I’d made this year, and I was about to film another one, and I thought, I just haven’t got the time. But they said all the right things. They said I can say what I want again.”

He added that although most of his jokes for Sunday’s ceremony are pre-written, anything can happen — especially when there’s alcohol involved. “If I didn’t drink, I wouldn’t be brave enough to say some of the things I’m going to say,” he said.

Watch Gervais’ Ellen interview — including details of his New Year’s Eve, which he spent alone, drinking with his cat — below, and see EW’s roundup of everything you need to know before the Golden Globes here.