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Drag Race season 14 queens reveal their makeover challenge plans, from bug tongues to demons
Willow Pill, Bosco, Jasmine Kennedie, Kerri Colby, and Kornbread break down what they would have done for the makeover challenge on Drag Race season 14.
Cody Calafiore explains how social media is hurting Big Brother
The season 22 champ also calls bringing Derrick to the end in season 16 his proudest Big Brother moment.
Tiger King baddie Doc Antle to be released on $250,000 bond in money-laundering case
The animal park owner was arrested by the FBI earlier this month and accused of cleaning more than half a million dollars.
Will Kirby says 'I am the Alpha and Omega' of Big Brother
"If I'm being honest, there has never been a single Big Brother player that I actually felt frightened by," says the season 2 champ.
Trinity The Tuck says sliding into Jaida's butt in Drag Race All Stars 7 lip-sync was 'all by accident'
"I did not realize how slippery my bodysuit was," Trinity tells EW, also discussing the evolution of her relationship with fellow AS4 winner Monét X Change.

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Kornbread reveals how Maddy Morphosis helped her through a second ankle injury after RuPaul's Drag Race
"I called Maddy like, 'This is exactly how I felt on the show,'" Kornbread reveals to EW in our season 14 roundtable with Drag Race's her-storic trans cast.
Rachel Reilly pitches a shortened Best of Big Brother season
The season 13 champ looks back at her time in the house, and makes a pitch for the ultimate showdown.
Kornbread planned to come out as trans to a photo of her young self if she stayed on Drag Race

"I was going to be like, 'I want to tell that kid that now is your moment,' because I wanted to live my authentic dream as a drag queen on the show," Kornbread tells EW.